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Regional Air Services 

A recognised leader in the aviation industry in Tanzania‚ we started in 1997 with one pilot and one aircraft. We are affiliated to the long-established Nairobi-based domestic airline‚ Airkenya. Based in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha‚ the international airport there is the starting point for all our safaris into northern Tanzania. 

Onward Flights

Our schedule links with Airkenya's flights to and from Nairobi and also with flights to Pemba‚ Mafia and the Selous Park from Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

Group Travel
We have considerable experience of moving medium to large groups anywhere in East Africa.

The Company presently employs 37 staff‚ 10 of whom are pilots. Regional was set up and managed for seven years by one of East Africa's best-known pilots‚ Iris McCallum. She built a reputation for Regional Air Services based on safety‚ reliability and friendly efficiency. Iris was awarded the prestigious "Guinness Stout Effort" award for bravery in flying in 1980.

Setting standards in the industry - we were the first airline to have a turbo-prop fleet of aircraft - Regional Air Services has maintained poll position among the proliferating number of air charter companies. Many visiting dignitaries and celebrities have flown with us‚ including former American President Bill Clinton. 

Obviously an important factor in the business‚ each Twin Otter carries a combined passenger/third party liability cover of US$100 million as well as the recent hull war risk cover. The insurance is placed in the London underwriting market through the Company's brokers‚ Willis. 

Our maintenance and engineering is carried out by Airkenya Engineering in Nairobi‚ which is approved by the Kenya and Tanzania Directorates of Civil Aviation. All aircraft are fitted with weather avoidance‚ ground proximity warning and traffic collision avoidance systems‚ as well as HF radios to enable communication with our offices. 

We have been selected as the personal carrier for a number of multi-national companies including Anglo American‚ BP‚ Resolute Mining and Abbot Laboratories. We are the carrier of choice for safety and for eco-awareness and major Tour Operators worldwide have approved Regional as their preferred carrier. Approval has only been given after conducting thorough technical and operational audits.





A superlative destination! Tanzania is a jewel for wildlife and vast wild areas. It has the highest percentage of land in an African country under protection -- fully 40% of Tanzania is set aside for wildlife and conservation. 

Tanzania famously has the tallest mountain  in Africa – Kilimanjaro - the largest lakes in Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika‚ which is also the second deepest lake in the world.

Serengeti National Park hosts the largest migration of wildlife known; around a million wildebeest migrate around the Serengeti ecosystem following the rain. 

Tanzania's biodiversity is so great that it ranks among the top ten countries in the world. It is home to 1‚100 species of breeding birds. This compares with 800 in all of Southern Africa. 

An ancient home to early man - Olduvai Gorge - bears the evidence that ancient hominids lived here over three million years ago and is often referred to as the "Cradle of Mankind." 

These are a just a few of the many amazing facts and features of Tanzania. It is largely unspoiled and sparsely populated in many areas. Not only is the wilderness special‚ but Tanzania has miles of pristine beaches‚ including those on exotic islands like Zanzibar‚ Mafia and Pemba. 

Planning a trip around Tanzania is not difficult. The international airport of Kilimanjaro provides easy access from Europe and the rest of the world. Nearby to the west of Kilimanjaro Airport‚ the lively‚ bustling town of Arusha has become the gateway to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Regional Air flies from Arusha daily and we would be delighted to assist you on your journey to discover the beauty and friendliness of Tanzania.




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