Seronera Kopjes Lion Sleeping Elephants Bathing 

This is the central point of Africa's most famous National Park, the Serengeti. The vast open plains and proliferation of animals which live in them is incredible, as is the annual wildebeest migration. With very little permanent water, the migration is closely lined to rainfall patterns. 

Little can be said that has not been said before about the Serengeti. The wildlife and scenery cannot fail to astound even the most hardened traveler. The National Park covers an area almost 15,000 km², while the whole ecosystem which includes the Ngorongoro and Masai Mara, is more than double the size. 

The mountains in the region date from two periods. The Gol Mountains to the north,as you head towards the Serengeti, are exposed granite blocks over 500million years old, and other freestanding mountains are volcanic in origin, formed during the  process that created the Rift Valley 15-20 million years ago. 

A variety of large lodges are located nearby and the Ndutu area which has one of the oldest lodges in the area. Ndutu is a scenic 2 hour drive from Seronera.