Grumeti Crocodile Grumeti Migration Grumeti Cheetah 

"There be Dragons" is a spine-tingling film about the mammoth crocodiles of the Grumeti River, being some of the largest in the world! While the river stops flowing, some pools remain throughout the dry season providing refuge for these giants, who may not eat for a year. Their annual feast is in June/July when the migration arrives. Wildebeest and Zebra are gorged on as they come to drink or attempt to cross the river. 

Grumeti is in a western arm of the Serengeti which stretches almost to Lake Victoria. The river, which rises in the north-eastern Serengeti, finally spills its waters into the Lake. The river is broadest in this part of the Serengeti and thus the riverine forest lining it is most dense here. Beyond the riverine forest is acacia woodland and grassy plain. 

Not only are crocodiles the biggest here, but also are the hippos. Cheetah are also more prolific here than anywhere else in Africa.